Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Sixteenth

Good morning, welcome to day 16 of Christmas in July on day 19 of July. Yes, I'm behind, don't remind me. Since this post is now falling on a Sunday, I've decided to share six different renditions of 3 different versions of Ave Maria. Don't worry, that'll all make sense here shortly.

Tracks one and two are both from organist Jesse Crawford and his 10" LP In A Monastery Garden (Decca 10" DLP 5058). One version is the Schubert written one, the other is by Bach & Gounod. After I recorded this one, I found that I had the same tracks on a 12" LP with the same title, but I like those little 10" records so I kept the somewhat scratchy versions I had. If you like those sorta-small, sorta-big records too, be sure to check out Big 10-Inch Record, he shares out a lot of them, and they're never scratchy.

Track three is by the great Lennon Sisters, and is taken from their ponderously-titled album Lawrence Welk Presents The Lennon Sisters Singing Best-Loved Catholic Hymns (Dot DLP 3250). This particular song is fully titled Ave Maria! O Maiden, O Mother, and I think it's yet a third variant of the Ave Maria theme.

Version four is another vocal version performed by The Notre Dame Glee Club-Daniel H. Pedtke, Director, taken from the 10" vanity LP Songs Of The University Of Notre Dame (Processed & Pressed by RCA Victor, Published by Record Publications Company 10" 33 RPM E3-QL-1127/8). I love these private pressings. I have to pick up and look at every one I see. I don't buy them all, but I get more than my fair share of them.

Number five is Don Baker from the album Curtain Time With Don Baker At The Conn Theatre Organ (Concert-Disc M-1020). Organ albums are another record genre that I always pick up and look at. And I always seem to buy more than my fair share of them.

Last, but not least, is the classic Alfred (not E) Newman And His Hollywood Symphony Orchestra from the LP In Concert (Mercury MG 20070). I'm trying to come up with a good Mad Magazine joke here, but nothing is coming to mind. If I come up with something funny later, I'll be sure to amend this post.

There you go, six songs for Sunday that you should have gotten Thursday. Here's the download link, have a great day! I think this brings my total of shared tracks for the month to 111. Not to shabby!

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Buster said...

Ern - Thanks for the plug! Two different 10-inchers - outstanding.