Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Twentieth

Need some more Christmas tunes? I thought so. Got a real hodge-podge again today, but there's good stuff in here. Let's dive right in.

Why not start out with a classic from a classic? This is Snowfall from Esquivel, His Piano And Orchestra and his album More Of Other Worlds, Other Sounds (Reprise R-6046, 1961). Unfortunately, this is the mono version, which was the LP I happened to find. It's still really, really good. Turn it up loud.

Next up is White Christmas from The Wurlitzer Company and that LP I first shared with you yesterday, Organ Melodies From The Hobby-Lesson Course For Wurlitzer Organs (The Wurlitzer Company, De Kalb, Illinois). Short, sweet, but nice.

Track three is the great Jo Stafford with her husband, Paul Weston, on the Appalachian carol I Wonder As I Wander. This is from American Folk Songs (Corinthian COR-110). I believe this is a re-release of a much earlier LP, since this is on the Weston-Stafford owned label. Jo retained the rights to all of her early recordings somehow, then later reissued them on her own. But you already knew that.

Track four? Why it's Mele Kalikimaka by The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Conducted By George Barati from White Ginger Blossoms (Decca DL 74564), a collection of tunes written by Hawaiian composer R. Alex Anderson. This is a really good version of a song you don't hear often enough.

The fifth track is another one from John Klein and Leo Addeo from their album Bells In Toyland (RCA Victor LSP-3832, 1967). This time it's Toyland itself. I'm running short on tracks from this great LP, but I'm not out quite yet. I told you I recorded most of the album for you, and I wasn't kidding.

The final track is Swinging Shepherd Blues by Raymond Paige Conducting The Radio City Music Hall Orchestra from the album Music Hall Bon Bons (Everest SDBR-1024, 1958). I love the sound on these Everest LPs. I think they sound so good because of the involvement of Raymond Scott, but I have no empirical data to prove that.

There you go, another sixer. Hope you like it. Oh, here's the download link. Almost forgot the most important part, didn't I?

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