Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Twenty Second

It's getting late, I'd better get today's post up before I fall yet another day behind. Tonight tunes, are, well, all over the place. No rhyme or reason, as rhyme and reason take planning ahead, and I've done none of that. So let's go...

Track one: I Wonder As I Wander by Burl Ives. I promised you more from Burl, and here it is. This is from Folk Songs Dramatic And Humorous (Decca 10" DL 5467), another of those little 10" records that I like so much.

Track two: Midnight Sleighride by The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra. Yes, yes, I know, I shared this with you last year, but this time it's a version recorded from radio taken from the record The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra Revisited (Golden Era LP-15071). I like this song, and I'm gonna bring it to you as many times as I possibly can until you leave me so many comments saying that you don't want it that I have to stop.

Track three: Greensleeves by Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians. Yes, it can be a Christmas song. Trust me. This is from Golden Folk Songs For Dancing (Decca DL 74430). I expect you to dance to this, just like the title says.

Track four: What Child Is This by the St. Olaf Lutheran Choir Conducted By Olaf C. Christiansen from the album Fifty Golden Years (Mercury MG 20728, 1962). Listen closely to this one. Hear that? It's the same music as Greensleeves! I told you it was a Christmas song! More from this group tomorrow.

Track five: Hallelujah Chorus as performed by The Coronets on their steel drums. I thought that record from last year was a fluke, but perhaps this is a popular song for steel drummers. I found this one on the LP Mixed Moods-Steel Band Of St. Kitts W.I. (COR-1).

Track six: My favorite for the night is I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (From "On The Avenue") as performed by Skitch Henderson, His Piano And Orchestra. I was excited to find this the night before last when I picked up a copy of his LP A Tribute To Irving Berlin (Columbia CS 9683). I'd never seen it before, and didn't know it existed, but there it was. I shared half an LP of Skitch Christmas music with you a while back, and I've found bonus tracks here, here and there. This one brings me a little bit closer to having a whole LPs worth of Christmas music from Skitch. What a great name, Skitch!

Well, that's all for now. Here's the download link, see you tomorrow.

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