Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Sixth Redux

I've been thinking about how crappy my shares were back on the sixth day of Christmas in July. In fact, I advised you not to download the shares that day, and many of you took my advice on that. It's got one of the lowest download totals of all the days. To make that up to you, I've decided to give you an extra large handful of shares, and label it Day 6-Redux. But before you get your hopes up too high, there's one catch. The redux is ten version of My Favorite Things. I know there's always an argument over whether or not this is a Christmas song, and with my lax standards for including things that really aren't Christmas at all, this falls firmly on the Christmas side of things. So for all of you that think My Favorite Things belongs in the Christmas canon, here you go. Ten versions from artists such as Dick Shawn, Mary Martin, The Norman Paris Quartet, The Fantabulous Brass, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Ray Conniff, The Trapp Family Singers (in a different version from before), Living Strings, The Richard Wolfe Children's Chorus and Andre Kostelanetz. Not a bad selection of artists if I do say so myself. Here's the download link, knock yourselves out.

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Anonymous said...

I never would have guessed Dick Shawn was a singer! Although now that I think about it, didn't he sing in the original movie "The Producers"?