Saturday, December 23, 2006

Stereo Mann

Here's a new version of a share from last year that I found in Stereo for you. I originally recorded this record last year because it was by Sy Mann, and I had just downloaded his Moog Christmas record. I had hope that maybe this one was as good, but it's not. It's still not bad, though. And I'm excited to bring you a stereo copy this year. Funny thing is, the stereo version omits one song (It Came Upon A Midnight Clear) that's on the mono version, so you may want to go get that version. (The track is listed on the back of the record, but not on the label, and it's certainly not on the vinyl. I guess the stereo tracks wouldn't fit on the record. Or maybe they just wanted to save a little more money. I don't know...) Anyhow, please download and give a listen to Sy Mann At The Wurlitzer-Everybody's Christmas Favorites-Organ & Chimes (Palace STXM-901).

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