Thursday, December 21, 2006

All Apologies

I know I owe everyone a couple of tracks for my 25 Days Of Christmas, but I'm going to have to put you off another day. All the stuff I've been putting off is going to have to take a little precedence over that. This weekend is the last chance I have to do all of the Christmas shopping I've been neglecting since November. I've also got to get my annual calendar project printed up, and so far it's taken about 24 hours, with maybe 10 more to go. I promise I'll get all the tracks up as soon as I can, and I promise it'll be worth the wait!


AnOldHouse said...

Take your time, Ernie!

After all, Christmas only BEGINS on December 25th!

And thanks again for so much great music!


Anonymous said...

No worries at all take your time some things are more important.

The suspence will make the wait all the more worth it. ;)

PDMan said...

I can relate. I started my shopping yesterday!

Ernie said...

You've started your shopping? Must be nice... :)

Anonymous said...

Ernie, anything on the Four Aces Christmas record? A Merry Christmas by the Four Aces? Randy
I loved the Ames brothers song you put on the web site. GREAT! You are a treasure!!
We can always download Christmas (anytime). I love this music in July here in Minnesota.

Ernie said...

I believe PDMan shared out that Four Aces record over at FaLaLaLaLa. Just search through the forums and you'll have it on your hard drive before you know it.

Stephen said...

No need to apologize, Mr. Hardest-Working-Man-in-Blogdom. Try to relax and enjoy some of the season and don't worry about your fans for a while.