Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maybe More John Klein

This may or may not be some more John Klein at the carillon. I got this record all recorded up, then realized it had the same track list as the record I brought you last night from Mr. Klein. But it's in a different order, and on a different record label. Times on the tracks are pretty close to the same, though. So you be the judge. Download it and compare, or don't waste your time, go get something more interesting below. Either way, here's an album called John Klein-The Bells Of Christmas (Americana AR-6).

I know of at least one more LP of carillon Christmas out there from John Klein, but I don't have it. Lucky for you, it's shared out over at BongoBells, so go get it! Scroll down a little on that page, you'll see it.


  1. MORE John Klein... WOW! Thanks Ern!


  2. Does anyone have a dl link for this album? Thanks, Rich


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