Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mas Feliz Navidad

How about I continue the Latin theme established earlier by my Menudo share with another Latin artist? This time it's TV bandleader Jose Melis. I'm sure a lot of people don't remember Jose these days, but in his day, he was up there with Paul Shaffer. Melis was the leader of the band on the Jack Paar show, one of the very first late-night talk shows. But that's all beside the point, what about the music? Well, it's pretty good, especially the couple of original (and vocal) tracks, "The Story Of Christmas" and "Merry Christmas Music". You won't be disappointed with either of these. So go now and download Jose Melis And His Orchestra-Christmas With Melis (Seeco CELP 4230, 1958), in early Stereo!

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Anonymous said...

can we have a re-up of this one for 2018, please? All links are "dead." Thanks!