Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One For The Kiddies

I recorded and shared this record out last year solely because I liked the cover. You'll probably find me doing that again this year, but maybe I can avoid the temptation. Actually, I've found myself enjoying the tunes from this record once or twice when they pop up on random play. So why don't you download this one (assuming you didn't get it last year) and let me know what you think. Here's Cyril Stapleton And His Orchestra With Children's Chorus-Children's Christmas Album (Richmond S 30057).


Steve Turner said...

What a fantastic album!
Thanks for making it available.
The album art doesn't do the music justice.
It has a great version of, "Christmas Island".
Thanks again...

mts said...

This album was a childhood favorite for me and my sisters. We are now in our 50's with families of our own. Well, we finally found the album located in some of our Mom's boxes. In fact we just brought it home tonight. It was in the back seat of our van. We were ready to convert it to a cd. Well my 16 year old daughter hops in the van, plops her butt down on the seat and "snap" it broke. She doesn't really know records "it's so big!".

So we were very disapointed. Our daughter felt bad. We did a Google search and found your blog and the recording!! I am listening to the cd right now as i am typing this. Bring back wonderful memories in this Christmas season.

Thank you!
... and Merry Christmas!!