Thursday, November 30, 2006

From Spanish To French

I figured that I could segue from the Spanish stuff to French stuff pretty easily. Here's a popular share from last year featuring not one, not two, not three, but sixty French girls singing carols. I know you'll enjoy this, so go download Les Djinnes Singers-60 French Girls With The Christmas Bell Ringers-Joyeaux Noel (ABC Paramount ABCS 397, 1961). Dig it! If you're interested in some more info on this record, or all of those many French women, so vist this entry at the Captain's Christmas Yuleblog.


CaptainOT said...

One of my favorite albums from last year's harvest of LPs. Great, great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie-

I'm new to all the Xmas music blogs this year, and I'm just eating all of it up like a holiday buffet! Thanks for all the great posts (and reposts that I missed the first time around).


Ernie said...

Welcome to the party, Pete! Grab yourself a chair near the hi-fi and have a listen.

Anonymous said...

hey ernie! annie again.

great choice for a repost... this was also one of my favourites from last year. in fact, it's spinning on my cd player as i type!

for what it's worth, i think my absolute favourite of last year's stuff (what i've listened to, so far, anyway) was ruth welcome's zitherland disc. i love big, bombastic christmas songs as much as the next person, but there's something about a nice, quiet, peaceful disc that you can put on late at night and read or dream or snuggle to that can't be beat. and that zitherland disc is that for me... i find it quite haunting, even the "peppier" songs... that one's a real winner.

anywhoo... thanks again for all you do!

PDMan said...

Captain, I'm with you. One of the best of last year's shares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all this great music. Is it possible to tell us in advance what the bit rate is? It would help me prioritize which ones to download first.

Thanks again.

Ernie said...

Ya'll seem to like this one a lot. I'm glad I recorded it, then. I really wasn't all that excited about the music, but I loved that cover. Shame it's not even all the French girls. Some of the tracks are by The Christmas Bell Ringers, whoever they are.

As far as the bitrate goes, the stuff I ripped last year is all at 128. Whether it's mono or stereo, my old software converted it to 128. So the mono stuff is really high quality. The new shares this year are all at 192 stereo or 96 mono. The reason I checnged was just laziness. I wanted to keep higher quality copies for myself, and I was too lazy to do two conversions. But wait, does this mean you aren't downloading everything? It's all worthwhile, except for the singing crickets, of course.