Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Change Of Heart

Yesterday I posted the cover scan of this record set and sent you over to The Christmas Yuleblog to get a copy of it. Well, today I realized that there is at least one song on my copy that isn't on his, and that it may be different recordings altogether. I'm trying to figure all that out, but in the meantime, I figured I'd go ahead and record my records and share them with you. At the very least you get a recording of Jingle Bells that you wouldn't have had otherwise. The sound is sort of crummy on these records, I'm not sure why. They looked clean, nothing particularly evil looking came off when I cleaned them, yet there is a lot of noise, especially in the louder parts. I think it's from the grooves themselves. But try to listen through that and enjoy the music. Here's your extra bonus Christmas record for today, Ethel Smith At The Organ-Christmas Music (Decca ED-558, 2x7" 45 RPM). Enjoy!


JV said...

Just discovered this site. It's wonderful! Love the Christmas tunes. I co-run a Christmas related music blog, 77 Santas, and I'm going to give you a plug.

adilson said...

Boa noite, estou visitando seu blog pela primeira vez pelo motivo de Ouvido um album de Ethel Smith, e descobri q vc me parace ter algum material desta Organista, estou errado? vc disponibiliza algum link para baixar. Te agradeço pela sua atenção gostaria de passar a ser seguidor de seu blog.Um abraço.