Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tag, You're It!

You asked for more, you got 'em. Here's some more of those tag lines from RCA Victor LPs. The first one is from Hugo Winterhalter Goes Latin (RCA Victor LPM-1677, 1959). Sorry about the address label on there. I didn't want to try to get it off for fear of tearing the LP sleeve. I guess Ms. Burnham got rid of this record because it was Copy 2. Few people need multiple copies of their Hugo Winterhalter albums. Well, maybe the other one was stereo.

Hit Show Tunes is from the cover of Pat Suzuki's Broadway '59 (RCA Victor LSP-1965, 1959). This one has an odd credit on the back. It says 'Jewels by Carol Channing'. I wonder what that's all about? (We just brought you another bit from a Pat Suzuki LP a few minutes ago.)

Here's A Sound Spectacular, courtesy of John Klein & Sid Ramin-The New Sound America Loves Best (LSP-2237, 1960). There's an odd money-back offer sticker on the cover of this one that I previously brought you here. There's also a doodle on the back that I may share in the future.

How about some Inspirational Songs care of Ed Lyman-He Walks With Me (RCA Victor LSP-2095, 1960.) Since I'm getting crazy with the links to stuff I've posted in the past, here are some little stamps I found on the back of this LP.

It may be Dinner Music, but it doesn't involve any Hungry Cannibals. This is from the cover to Norman Leyden And His Orchestra-Music For A Back Yard Barbecue (RCA Victor LSP-1939, 1959). The cool doodles from the back of this one can be found here. (Are you starting to get the idea that the records I scan for doodles don't land far from the PC when I'm done with them?)

Finally, I can bring you something New. This is the first of these little taglines I've found from 1958. Previously, the earliest I'd found was 1959. Not that this is a particularly interesting one, but it does fit the pattern. Perhaps it was the first time RCA had tried it, that might explain the boring verbage. This is from The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra-Moods In Music; Music For Dining (RCA Victor LPM-1000, 1958). Yes, it's another of the 'Music For/Music To' records, as was the one above. And yes, I've previously posted a doodle from this one too.

Finally, here's one I haven't posted anything from before. I did post another tag from this same artist above, though, so it's not exactly original. These Sizzling Strings come from Hugo Winterhalter Goes Gypsy (RCA Victor LSP-2167, 1960). Hugo certainly tried out plenty of styles, didn't he? I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these taglines from his other LPs soon. Hopefully not in this same post, but soon.

Is this the last one for now? I hope so, my typing fingers are getting tired. This is Sound Of TV, and it's from Henry Mancini-Music From Mr. Lucky (RCA Victor LSP-2198, 1960). I just posted this from the Mr. Lucky LP cover, and I'm going to post something else as soon as I'm done with this mammoth list of trivial taglines. Maybe it would have been easier if I'd just posted the whole LP cover in the first place...

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