Saturday, August 06, 2005

Oodles of Doodles LXVIII

This doodle reminded me of the recent ballroom dancing craze inspired I think by the reality TV show. I couldn't care less about reality TV, but I read about it in the paper. Honest. Anyhow, this elegantly swinging couple comes from Les Baxter And His Orchestra-Arthur Murray Favorites (Capitol L 263), a rare doodle from a 10" LP. I think the last time I found a doodle on a 10" was the first time I brought you Jackie Gleason. This time the doodle is for the founder of exotic music, Les Baxter. The liner notes in this record mention Baxter's work on Music Out Of The Moon, as well as Yma Sumac's Xtabay. Unfortunately, the music found inside the jacket is nothing as hip as either of those releases. What did you expect from Arthur Murray?

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