Wednesday, January 01, 2020

The Wonder Of 2020

Time for the first post of 2020! And it's somewhat fitting that it should be a recording of a military band from 45 years ago. It's four long medleys of common and uncommon carols, all put together for your Christmas, Advent and Epiphany joy.  This is The United States Air Force Band And The Singing Sergeants-Colonel Arnald D. Gabriel, Conductor-The Wonder Of Christmas (USAF AF 4175, Stereo, 1975). And just for the record, the whole shebang was created by Sergeant Floyd E. Werle.

1. Advent
2. Nativity I
3. Nativity II
4. Epiphany


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ernie for a great sharing Year! We all benefit from your work. Happy 2020!