Saturday, January 04, 2020

Southern Cal

I'm thinking I should have shared this one out with that record I posted from Boys Town earlier in the season, but I just got around to scanning this one recently, and then editing out a card that was taped to the cover of both copies I found. It wasn't that hard in the end, but I was dreading it for a while. I can still see where it was on there, but I doubt that you can.  :) And after all that work, it's still a pretty ugly cover.  Not sure who thought this scene would look better with a fire-lit sky in the background. But I suppose choices were made, and the end result is what we got. If you like kids singing, but not in a sloppy novelty way, then this is a good release for you.  It's not all kids though. Several different groups are credited, but there is no info about which group sings what, so I had to attribute all the songs to everyone.  I didn't dare try to guess which song is which group.  That way lies madness!  There is one spoken word welcome track at the beginning from Virgil Patterson, his autograph is the one on the card that was taped to the cover.  I assume he is (or was) the head honcho of this place, since it's pretty likely Cal Farley was no longer around by this point. Oh, if you're curious, it looks like the Boys Ranch is still going strong down Texas way. Go see 'em when you're in the neighborhood.  Until then though, please download and listen to Cal Farley's Boys Ranch (Chapel Choir, Ambassador Choir, Crusader Choir & Adult Choir)-King Of Love-A Christmas Musical (Cal Farley's Boys Ranch No Number, Stereo).

1. Introduction
2. Opening Theme
3. Hail, Thou Who Are Highly Favored
4. Wonderful Name
5. Savior Of Sinners
6. Theme & There Was No Room
7. Sleep, Holy Child
8. Glory To God
9. Alleluia! Now They Sing
10. King Of Love & Wonderful Name
11. Finale



  1. The ranch's site suggests it was founded in 1939, making this LP from 1979, or so I reckon.


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