Friday, January 03, 2020

Same Old Dorothy

Going way back into the history of the blog, here's an oldie from 2007 that came to mind recently, also in relation to that Christmas record over at Music You Won't. This EP was something that came out somewhere around 1960 (based on an album she put out on the Top Rank label at that time), and appears to have been a promotional piece only.  According to Discogs, my copy was put out by Sinclair Oil, but there were at least two other versions that were released for other companies. And I'm missing a nice little picture sleeve, too, so I need to hunt that down. This is Dorothy Collins-Produced Under The Direction Of Raymond Scott-Season's Greetings In Song (A Top Rank Artist 117058/117059). As I mentioned, this is a really old rip, so don't expect much.  And while there is some overlap in song selection with Ms. Collins full Christmas album, these are not the same versions.

1. Jingle Bells
2. White Christmas
3. Deck The Halls
4. Oh Holy Night



JKP said...

Ernie, every year I look forward to your shares. Can't express enough how much great Christmas music I've discovered thanks to you and your efforts every year.

Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Terry said...

Ernie, I look forward to the comments you write about the music just as much as the music! You are very witty and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your time and your treasures. All the best in 2020.

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