Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Just For The Cover

I spotted the record you see above at the Salvation Army thrift store recently, and thought it was a copy of a record I shared with you last year. I still bought it because something didn't feel right, and you can't ignore those feelings when they are about Christmas music.  Sure enough, I got the record home and discovered that the two records didn't have much in common other than the cover. I see that the copy I shared last year had a bunch of text on the front cover that isn't on this new one, and maybe that's how I knew it was somehow different. I'm assuming this one is the original, since the name of the LP is actually what's written on the cover in the snow. And both production companies listed on the labels are in Cincinnati, so that's pretty much the only things these two releases have in common.  Perhaps a better sleuth than I can tie these two recordings together, otherwise I'm just going to guess that someone sold someone else a stock cover art. And believe me when I tell you I had to put a few hours worth of work into this cover to make it look halfway decent.  It had crayon writing and pencil scribblings all over it, along with some water stains and a burn mark.  Thankfully, most of that marring was in the snowy white areas so I was able to clone it out fairly easily. I think the final result is somewhat passable, though still not perfect. I get a little better at the Photoshop work each year, but it's hard to find the time to do all of it that needs done.  If you need some music to listen to while you perfect your Photoshop skills, this is The Cincinnati Strings-Christmas Love (General American Records GAR 11313, Stereo). Happy New Year, y'all!

1. Christmas Song
2. What Child Is This
3. Silent Night
4. Medley
5. O' Holy Night
6. Jingle Bells
7. Little Town Of Bethlehem
8. Carol Of The Bells
9. Jesu Bambino
10. White Christmas (AKA 'Twas The Night Before Christmas)
11. Adeste Fidelis



Buster said...

Cover looks excellent! Your mending is seamless.

Happy New Year, good buddy!

Ernie said...

Happy New Year, Buster!!

MOQChoir said...

Gosh and golly, more stuff! Thanks so very VERY much, Ernie. Best wishes for the New Year, respected sir!

Shouting out to Buster while I'm here with additional wishes for a brave New Year. So many pieces of audio content to review and enjoy! I feel so truly fortunate.

Many thanks to you, both of you!


barba said...

more good stuff.

a bit wacky here and there. nothing wrong with that.

Plague said...

Thanks for another fine season of shares!

Signore Glorioso said...

i love this cover so much! thank you for all you do.

Ron said...

Living in Cincinnati, I was intrigued by this record. My investigation led me to a record in my collection called "The Sounds of Christmas 71" by Cincinnati Symphony Members with Mac Frampton on the Artist Recording Company label. I noted the track listing was the same, and, since I had no memory of the record, I pulled out my trusty Jensen turntable and played side one and it is indeed the same record. Thank you for helping me refresh my memory. Here is the Discog link:


Ernie said...

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on that one, Ron. :) Now we know! It's actually interesting in spots. Sometimes when I'm playing the folder at random, something will come up that I have to check and see what it is, and quite often it's been this record.