Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Christmas Was

Today's special surprise is a set of three 10" records, each with two parts of a series of Christmas radio broadcasts entitled Christmas Is. I bought these as part of a lot on eBay, I had no idea what I was getting, but it's kinda interesting stuff.  Imagine those early morning or late night Sunday hours when radio stations aired public affairs programs, and that's kinda what you've got here.  Each show is fifteen minutes and features some music, but mostly talk about the season. And you're invited to write to them, care of this station, for more information!  Met me know if you get anything back!  This is The Upper Room Radio-TV Parish-Christmas Is (Protestant Radio & Television Center 3x10" 33 RPM UR-PRC-CC4, Mono, 1960). I got the date from notes written on the labels listing when the program was aired.  Earliest one listed was 1960, latest one was 1967.  Pretty big change in the world between those two dates.

1. Christmas Is Quietness
2. Christmas Is Joy
3. Christmas Is Love
4. Christmas Is For Everyone
5. Christmas Is For Always
6. Christmas Is Glory


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Santa Claus said...

The closest that I got was shows from this series in 1949...but...unfortunately...no listings for any shows before or after this... This is a great find for the old time radio enthusiasts for sure...

Thanks Ernie