Wednesday, November 28, 2018


From Portugal we move right next door to Spain, which isn't really a very long trip. Trust me, we're going to eventually make it all the way around the world at least once, if not twice.  Christmas is still a long way away and I have a big stack of records.  Not too much I can say about this one, as with all these records, it's a mix of local favorites with the occasional familiar carol thrown into the mix.  Those familiar carols were probably spread via missionaries in most cases, but I suspect that motion pictures later became a much bigger influence.  Not too many missionaries had White Christmas in their hymnals.  Anyhow, this is Christmas In Spain (Capitol "Capitol Of The World" T10094, Mono, 1957).

1. Orfeo Laudate-Una Pandereta Suena (A Tambourine Plays)
2. Lita Franquis Y Conjunto Canario-A Jesus Adorar (Let's Adore Jesus)
3. Coro Y Organo De Barcelona-Noche De Paz (Silent Night)
4. Capilla Clasica Polifonica-Villancico Del Vestidito (Carol Of The Little Dress)
5. Escolania De Ntra. Sra. Del Sagrado Corazon Y Capilla Clasica Polifonica-La Virgen Fue Lavadera (The Virgin Was A Washerwoman)
6. Coro Y Orquesta De Barcelona, Solista: J. Segarra-Navidades Blancas (White Christmas)
7. De NiƱos De Barcelona-Arre, Borriquita (Get Up, Little Donkey)
8. Escolania Del Monasterio De Montserrat-Pobre Gitanilla (Poor Little Gypsy)
9. Escolania De Ntra. Sra. Del Sagrado Corazon Y Capilla Clasica Polifonica-Camina La Virgen Pura (So Walks The Pure Virgin)
10. Orfeo Laudate-La Virgen Es Panadera (The Virgin Is A Baker)
11. Orfeo Laudate-Armen Estrepito (Make Noises)
12. Coro Y Organo De Barcelona-Adeste Fideles



Buster said...

Does Capitol even identify an artist or artists in this series? I may have one or two examples of the type, but don't recall.

Ernie said...

Oh yeah, it's all there on the back sleeve. Most, but not all, are various artist things, probably put together by the local branch of EMI, and Capitol released them in America under the Capitol Of The World umbrella. If you look them up on Discogs, they frequently show the local version that was released in whatever country they represent. Pretty cool.

Laurie said...

I am enjoying these so much! Thank you, Ernie!

Buster said...

Excellent - thanks for the info!

Kwork said...

I agree. I love discogs. It broadens all the time as more users add to the database. Thank you Ernie.