Tuesday, November 27, 2018


From Brazil, we move across the wide Atlantic Ocean to Portugal.  Why?  Because they share a common language, of course.  (I needed some reason, and that's good enough for me.) This one is a various artists collection, spotlighting several different artists, though all are Portuguese. Not a whole lot to say about this one except that there are only a couple of familiar tunes here, the rest of it is unfamiliar to me.  Please download and enjoy Christmas In Portugal (Capitol "Capitol Of The World" T10166, Mono, 1958).

1. Coro Salesiano De Mogofores-Pela Noite De Natal
2. Trio Odemira-Salve Menino Jesus
3. Coro Polyphonia-Natal Do Elvas
4. Carlos Ramos-Cançao Do Natal
5. Coro Salesiano De Mogofores-Esta Noite A Meia Noite
6. Trio Odemira-Noite Santa, Noite Silenciosa (Silent Night, Holy Night)
7. Rancho Dos Ceifeiros De Cuba-Deus Menino
8. Coro Polyphonia-Natal
9. Trio Odemira-Quando O Menino Nasceu
10. Coro Salesiano De Mogofores-Pastorinhos Do Deserto
11. Rancho Dos Ceifeiros De Cuba-Janeiras
12. Coro Salesiano De Mogofores-Adeste Fideles



barba said...

keep it up.

i got my eurail pass.

Ernie said...

Very short trip to the next one, but I promise to get out of Europe ASAP. My original goal was to avoid Europe altogether, but I wanted the trip to last as long as possible, so I gave in and picked the low hanging fruit.

Kwork said...

I don't remember this one. Thanks