Monday, November 26, 2018

Follow The Guide Posts

I'm still trying to get some of the spoken word stuff I recorded out a little early in the season, so here's an interesting one that seems to be pretty hard to find.  It was part of a large collection I bought off eBay a couple months ago that had come from an old radio station that never seemed to throw anything away.  Some of the more interesting things I hope to share out this season came from that stash, so it was money well spent.  These stories were put on vinyl by Guideposts magazine and sent to radio stations that might want to play them during the holiday season.  Maybe you'll want to do the same thing on your Christmas comp.  This is Dick Van Dyke & Irene Dunne-Christmas Stories From Guideposts (Guideposts Records GP 114, Mono, 1967). Unfortunately, they don't interact with each other, but each artist gets a side. Irene Dunne is side 1, Rob Petrie is side 2.

1. Silent Night
2. The Night The Chimes Rang
3. Trouble At The Inn
4. The Christmas Wish
5. Go In Good Health
6. The Christmas I Lent My Son
7. One Room, One Window
8. Christmas Is A Time For Joy
9. The Cobbler's Dream
10. Gary The Newsboy
11. The Radiant Christmas
12. The Original Christmas Story
13. The Winner
14. Let's Keep Christmas



Buster said...

Really interesting item, one I've never seen, for sure.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Ernie, I could swear I checked your blog some time after Thanksgiving and didn't see anything new posted. Now all of a sudden, I'm w-a-a-a-a-y behind! What the huh?? Thursday wasn't that long ago; how did I miss all this?? Oh well, I'll get to downloading and try to catch up. Thanks for doing what you do!!

Ernie said...

We'll see how long I can keep this pace up. :)

jelawmo said...

Oooo! This looks fun! I love the spoken word albums; very grateful for this one!

Kwork said...

Love spoken word Christmas albums. All are definitely and truly appreciated. A heartfelt thanks for this, and any others you come up.

Diana Brill said...

Again, Wow. Christmas seems to have come early. :D

SadieSue said...

"Rob Petrie is on side two" made me laugh!