Friday, November 30, 2018

Nash (Not Bridges)

One of my very favorite shares from 2008, and now very badly in need of a remaster (but I don't know where I put it), this is Johnny Nash-Prince Of Peace (JAD JS/1001, Stereo, 1969). Love that lenticular insert in the cover, even though it's slightly askew in my copy.

Wait, I did remaster this! Back in 2012, which means I may still have the old files on my computer.  I gotta start doing more research on my own shares.Here's a version at full bitrate from the 2012 remaster!  Enjoy!

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. Prince Of Peace
3. Away In A Manger
4. Mary's Little Boy Child
5. The Borning Day
6. The Christmas Song
7. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
8. Medley: Silent Night-Oh Holy Night
9. Go Tell It On The Mountain


1 comment:

Kwork said...

I thought you had remastered this. Glad you found it as I did lose it in a data crash. Thank you!