Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greetings 2

Why stop at only one record full of Christmas greetings when you have two?  There not much more I can say about this one that I didn't say about the first one, except this is a year later, and doesn't feature anything so exciting as the Alice Cooper or Weird Al tracks from that last one.  Still, who wouldn't want to receive Christmas greetings from Willie Dixon or Steve Miller?  And I think the Paul Shaffer bit is pretty good, too.  It's short but sweet, this one.  (Thankfully, there's nothing here as bad as Living Colour on that last one.)  Go download The Best For '89 From The Entire Capitol Family (Capitol 12" 33 RPM SPRO-79471 (Same on both sides), 1989, Stereo).  This came in a plain red sleeve that I didn't scan, since it was plain.  Sorry.

1. Paul Shaffer
2. Anne Murray
3. Peter Blakeley
4. Steve Miller
5. Heart
6. Shadowfax
7. Crowded House (2x)
8. Megadeth
9. Flesh For Lulu
10. Climie Fisher
11. Johnny Clegg & Savuka
12. View From The Hill
13. Sequal
14. The Reivers
15. Melba Moore
16. Hazell Dean
17. Pat McLaughlin
18. Aslan
19. Tracie Spencer
20. Suave
21. Poison
22. Pete Bardens
23. Willie Dixon
24. Chapter 8
25. 101 North
26. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
27. Bert Robinson
28. MC Hammer & The Posse
29. Richard Thompson


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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Paul Shaffer was a Capitol artist! I thought he was just David Letterman's music director. Of course, he was one of the band behind The Blues Brothers, too.