Friday, November 26, 2010

Francophone New

I'd always heard rumors of a second Paul Mauriat Christmas album, but I didn't believe them.  Surely a Christmas collector as avid as myself would have stumbled across it by now.  But then, there it was.  In a stack of otherwise uninteresting records, there was a second Paul Mauriat Christmas album!  I had to run right home and listen do it, as I find myself doing with way too many Christmas records.  Unfortunately, to my ears, this one is also inferior to the previous one, and there is a bit of overlap, but it's still worth having.  There's also the added use of a chorus, which I don't think was present on the other album, maybe that will appeal to you some.  So if you're as curious about it as I was, please be sure to download Paul Mauriat Orchestra And Chorus-Joyeux Noel (Fantasy 8389, Stereo, 1968).

1. It Is Midnight
2. The Holy Child Is Born
3. Adeste Fideles
4. Gloria In Excelsis
5. O Tannenbaum
6. White Christmas
7. Christmas Prayer
8. Three Angels Have Come This Evening
9. Shepherd, Let Us Leave The Watch
10. Silent Night, Holy Night



bongolong said...

How cool!

Thanks Ernie (Not Bert)!!!!

JimmyJames said...

Different style of album than the 'first' one with much more chorale. It complements the other one nicely.

I was away for a few years, I'm sure glad I wandered back in time for your enhanced quality re-rips replacing my old rusty versions. Not to mention as ever, your new finds.

JMan said...

Thanks Ernie - a great find.
Compliments the first album well.

Anonymous said...

I believe this may actually have been the FIRST album. This is the French pressing with singing in French. I had an American release from about 1972 that had English (or neutral syllable) singing. I finally tracked down a CD (a Japanese one...which I found in Toronto). It had almost all the songs from this LP plus some more recent ones (inferior, in my opinion- lots of French pop songs and a disco Auld Lang Syne). Thanks for posting this version, which I've been trying to find.