Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greetings 3

I've been sitting on this one for years, waiting for the time when I could get a decent recording of it, and the technology finally caught up with me this year.  The locked grooves on this glowing green 7" have caused me trouble for years, but thanks to ClickRepair this year, I was able to turn a loud mess into a reasonable share.  I hope you'll agree with me that it was worth the wait.  I've got quite a few promo 45s from Columbia around this same time period on this same green vinyl.  It's a different shade than the green 45s RCA put out a few years earlier, though it's not quite as bright as my scan makes it out to be.  Close, though.  Enough blabbing, here are a few more holiday greetings from your favorite stars on Columbia in the early sixties.  Please enjoy Holiday Greetings Voice Tracks (Columbia 7" 45 RPM JZSP 111921/2 Green Vinyl Promo).  If any of you include any of these (or any other of my shares) in a mix, lemme know about it!  I'd love to see what you've done with any of my babies.  Leave a comment pointing me (and others) towards the download, or send me a CD in the mail, I love to get mail!  :)

1. Jimmy Dean
2. Jerry Vale (2x)
3. Andy Williams
4. Patti Page (2x)
5. Percy Faith (3x)
6. Ray Conniff (4x)


PS-I'm counting this as the third in a maybe-series of singles this year. One 7" a day keeps the RIAA away.


Inkydog said...

Thanks, Ernie. I'm a sucker for the colored vinyl. Just cleaned up a red one myself yesterday. BTW, the best software I've ever found for getting rid of clicks is Wave Corrector. I use Diamond Cut for all of the fancy stuff, but nothing I've ever used beats WC for ease of use and number/quality of clicks repaired.

Buster said...

Ern - You keep coming up with great shares! I have an RCA promo from the same period with the likes of Ann-Margret, with the same locked groove problem. I'll have to see if I can master it myself - unless it is one of the ones you are going to share, in which case I leave the struggle to you!

Ernie said...

Buster-This is the last of my Christmas Greeting Records, at least that I know of. I wanted to share them out early so folks could use them on their own Christmas Projects. Now I need to get back into the music.

Inky-I'll have to check out that other software. Remind me once the big Christmas rush is over, and I've had some time to breath again. Maybe in April... :)

Stormy said...

Thanks Ernie, these promo things are a real treat. Love 'em!

Der Bingle said...

Ernie - I love these promo spots. Last year the "shopping days to Christmas" bumpers that the King posted (I think) were the backbone to my comp. One or two of these will definitely be on this years. I'll gladly send you a disc once it's done. thanks!