Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Ghost From Christmas Past

This is a re-run of a share from many, many years ago. Well, not really a rerun, but a complete do-over. See, way back then, all I shared with you were two album tracks from the Johnny Mathis LP Sounds Of Christmas, two tracks that have been omitted from every subsequent release. Those two tracks were released as a single at the time of the original LP release, and I finally scored a copy of the picture sleeve. That's it up above, somewhat the worse for wear thanks to some water damage and a fellow named Gully who felt like writing his name across the top of the sleeve. Take a peek below and you'll see he put his name on the label as well, only this time he didn't hand write it. Now, I recorded the music from the 7" and decided it was a little too scratchy for my refined tastes. I then recorded the tracks from a stereo copy of the original LP, so there are two copies of each song in the ZIP file. I thought for a minute I may have found something interesting because the times didn't match what was printed on the LP sleeve, but it turned out just to be a typo. Did you follow all that? I doubt it, and it's not really important. Please grab this download of Johnny Mathis-The Little Drummer Boy/Have Reindeer, Will Travel (Mercury 7" 45 RPM 72217, Mono, 1963).

1. The Little Drummer Boy (Mono & Stereo)
2. Have Reindeer, Will Travel (Mono & Stereo)


alphonsegaston said...

The scary thing is, I followed that perfectly....

alphonsegaston said...

Oops. This is Lee, not Alphonegaston.

I'm using Alphone's account is what happened.

Lee (not Alphonse)

Ernie said...

Alphonse is gonna be mad when he gets back...

Sojourner said...

I really appreciate your post: "Sounds of Christmas" by Johnny Mathis. It is a favourite album I grew up with every holiday season. However, since everything is digital, I no longer have it and really miss listening to it. Any chance you would you consider posting the entire album??

Also, I have cleaned up and retouched your album artwork and would really like to share copies of that with you. How could I contact you to pass that on?

You are welcome to contact me through my email:

Thanks again for your blog -- I'm really enjoying it!
Love & Light!