Friday, July 17, 2020

Nutcracker In July 17

Finally Friday!  Here's your Nutcracker for the day.  It's so cheap that they didn't even give anyone credit for it. For all I know it's the same as another version I've already shared, but I don't care.  This one was pulled from Music For A Sunday Afternoon (Tiara TMT 7548, Mono). My notes tell me that the track titles aren't listed on the sleeve or the label, but they were banded on the vinyl.  So I gave them the most common names for the eight tracks.  This is really budget label stuff here.  Enjoy!


Buster said...

Yeah, when they stop identifying the artists, that's a sign.

Tiara was the label that used to have such releases as Spotlight on Sarah Vaughan and Margie Anderson, with a few tracks from Vaughan's 1940s small-label output and the rest from Anderson (who wasn't a bad singer; I've had her on my blog).

Sky Raven said...

Too bad they didn't identify the performers... not a bad performance at all. Sounds like it was recorded in a fairly large venue. Thanks for sharing this. B

Buster said...

I agree it's a good performance. Anonymous orchestral recordings with woozy sound like this during this period are sometimes from Russian sources, but this doesn't sound like a Russian orchestra. Might be a German radio performance from WWII. A lot of them circulated under pseudonyms on cheap labels.

Buster said...

The two pseudononymous versions that appeared on other labels about this time have been identified as being by:

Berlin Radio Chorus & Symphony Orchestra, Otto Dobrindt
Hamburg ‘Pro Musica’ Orchestra, Hans-Jürgen Walther

It's not the Walther. (I checked it against a recording on YouTube.) I can't find ]the Dobrindt recording so not sure about that one.

Ernie said...

Keep digging, I'm sure the truth is out there. :)