Friday, December 16, 2016

Why We Sing What We Sing

I don't often give much thought about the songs we sing at Christmas, and why we sing those particular songs, but perhaps I should.  I was thinking about that today and came across this old share from 2010, so I figured I'd throw it up here.  A little something for you guys to contemplate and consider as you're snowed in, or perhaps you're waiting in line already for the new Star Wars movie.  (My tickets are for tomorrow night, in 3D!)  Anyhow, these are the stories behind eight of the most popular Christmas carols and a nice little choral performance of each.  Please enjoy Carols Of Christmas And The Stories Behind Them (Christian Home Music-Produced For The Radio And Television Commission Of The Southern Baptist Convention, PR4M-1528 & 1529, 1963, Mono).  All narration is by Nicholas Ramsey, vocals as indicated.

1. The Story Of 'Away In A Manger'
2. The Baptist Hour Choir-Away In A Manger
3. The Story Of 'Hark, The Herald Angels Sing'
4. The Baptist Hour Choir-Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
5. The Story Of 'It Came Upon The Midnight Clear'
6. The Baptist Hour Choir-It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
7. The Story Of ' We Three Kings'
8. The Baptist Hour Choir-We Three Kings
9. The Story Of 'O Holy Night'
10. Joe Ann Shelton-O Holy Night
11. The Story Of 'O Come All Ye Faithful'
12. Cody Garner-O Come All Ye Faithful
13. The Story Of 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem'
14. Cody Garner-O Little Town Of Bethlehem
15. The Story Of 'I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day'
16. Oris Baldwin & Loeen Bushman-I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day



Kwork said...

Thank you Ernie. Another one I lost in a hd crash. It's good to renew my acquaintence with this one.

JohnDent said...

Thank you, this is great.