Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmastime Back Then

First off, let me tell you what a pain it is to record 78s.  One 78 is OK.  Two is tiresome.  Three takes forever.  All four of them in this set?  Next to impossible.  But I did it.  The sound is OK, not something that is going to have any archivists phoning me up and asking how I did it, not by a long shot.  The records were too far gone and I'm too lazy to keep trying.  But I think it's something to listen to.  I've had this set of 78s for a long time, and it was always missing one of the records.  But sometime in the past few years, I finally scored a set that at least had all the records.  I'm still missing a little paper insert that seems to have come with it, though.  The reason I wanted this set was to help complete the Kenny Baker discography, but once I got into it I realized that it also featured Eddie Dunstedter and David Rose, so that's a big plus.  You might only listen to it once, but please lend an ear to Christmastime (Decca 4x 10" 78 RPM A-488, 1946, Mono).  I know the Judy Garland was recorded & released before the war, and probably the Deanna Durbin as well.  Not sure about the provenance of the Kenny Baker tracks.  This is pretty early for a Christmas album.

1. Deanna Durbin With Charles Previn-Silent Night (Christmas Hymn)
2. Deanna Durbin With Charles Previn-Adeste Fideles (Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful)
3. Judy Garland With David Rose-The Birthday Of A King
4. Judy Garland With David Rose-The Star Of The East
5. Kenny Baker With Eddie Dunstedter-O, Little Town Of Bethlehem
6. Kenny Baker With Eddie Dunstedter-It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
7. Kenny Baker With Eddie Dunstedter-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
8. Kenny Baker With Eddie Dunstedter-O Holy Night



Buster said...

Thanks, Ernie. Been wanting this one.

I know what you mean about recording 78s. Takes forever.

Ernie said...

You may have been the one who told me about this back after I shared that Kenny Baker LP, Buster. Hope you enjoy it!

Buster said...

I don't think it was me, although I do have quite a few Kenny Baker records.

Mistletoe and Holly said...

Great work, Ernie. Thanks for sharing.

The Deanna Durbin songs were originally issued on Decca 18198 in 1941 ( The record is later advertised in the Dec. 14, 1942 issue of Life magazine.

The Judy Garland songs were originally issued on Decca 4050 in Dec. 1941 (

I had previously tried (unsuccessfully) to date the two Kenny Baker songs I already possessed, but it appears that all four came out in 1938 ( ).

Ernie said...

Men About Town? Never heard of them... Something else I need to find!

Buster said...

Men About Town rings a holiday bell. I think I may have that one.

Richard N said...

Thank you, Ernie.


Muff Diver said...

Thanks for your painstaking 78 rips Ernie.

Thanks also for your background history of the 4x set, Buster!