Thursday, December 15, 2016

Revisit The Outdoors

This is one of my most surprisingly popular shares.  Over the years, I have probably gotten as many comments on this one as on any of the mainstream things I've posted, maybe more.  So when I found a new copy sometime last year, I decided to rerip and remaster it.  And as an added bonus, I've also included the non-Christmas flip side for the first time!  So those of you who grew up with this record can now listen to the whole thing.  If you have no idea what this is, you can read what I wrote back in 2007, but for the real story, read the comments! This is John Donnelly And Sons-Sing It Outdoors (No Catalog Number (Green Translucent Vinyl), Mono).

1. Sing It Outdoors
2. Deck The Halls
3. O Tannenbaum
4. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
5. The Friendly Beasts
6. Christmas Knows No Bounds
7. Les Agnes Dans Nos Campagnes
8. Maria Und Joseph
9. Nu Ar Det Jul Icen
10. Twelve Days Of Christmas
11. What Child Is This
12. Unto Us A Boy Was Born
13. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
14. Silent Night
15. Sing It Outdoors-Reprise
16. Sing It Outdoors
17. Moon Over Miami/Moonlight In Vermont
18. How High The Moon
19. I Cover The Waterfront
20. Dancing On The Ceiling/On The Street Where You Live
21. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
22. This Is My Beloved/Lover
23. It's All Right With Me
24. All The Things You Are
25. Happy New Year



Buster said...

I love this - and green translucent vinyl, to boot (wait, boots are rubber).

Anyway, thanks for this!

Buster said...

By the way, despite your dissing my preference for Frankie as a Christmas icon, I have just published something for you at my singles blog:

Ernie said...

Can we both agree that Santa is the best elf of them all, and leave it at that? I'll rate you a close second!

Geordie said...

Buster, google "vinyl boots". You'll be surprised...

Buster said...


Well now. I doubt I would look good in such models, especially the red ones, seasonal though they might be.

I do remember more practical vinyl galoshes, now that you remind me. They had a tendency to rip apart when you put them on.

Ernie said...

A new link for 2018 for this old classic!!hVdlWSTL!-wUJdrPeaebIT3pQo7VxpBKYvvL0QfBCHm2rKTEPmDI