Monday, December 12, 2016


A quickie tonight, I've got some stuff to attend to.  This little flexi disc takes you into a party at Smash Hits magazine in the year 1982.  Just about anybody who's somebody is there.  Very little singing here, but lots of chatting and a couple of ads for the then-hip Black Levi's.  If this doesn't take you back, nothing will.  This is Happy Christmas From The Stars (Smash Hits Accessory Kit 3, 7" 33 RPM Flexi Disc, Sponsored by Black Levi's, Stereo, 1982).

1. Side 1
2. Side 2



Anonymous said...

Woah, this is nutty! I love the 80s synth set. Thanks for the magnificent share.

Steve Turner said...

Thanks for sharing this. Had lots of fun listening to all those musicians of the era whooping it up festive.

Ernie said...

2018 linkage:!kNdHhIoD!XFP6U-a2vEDhl44_IgrwBF08_oRkSj-ut6XpobEok3Y