Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nash II

Here's another offering from the stack of Christmas records by artists you didn't know recorded a Christmas record.  I suppose it's a pretty tall stack at this point, I know I'm always surprised to find another one or two pretty much every year.  This one was something I found in 2008 and I've been pushing it on you ever since.  Give it a download and see what you think.  Just for you, this is Johnny Nash-Prince Of Peace (JAD JS/1001, Stereo, 1969).  If the portrait in the middle of the cover looks a little rough, that's because it's a lenticular image.  I remember having a bear of a time getting it to scan right, but I think it came out pretty good.

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. Prince Of Peace
3. Away In A Manger
4. Mary's Little Boy Child
5. The Borning Day
6. The Christmas Song
7. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
8. Medley: Silent Night-Oh Holy Night
9. Go Tell It On The Mountain

Update-21 Dec 16-I was afraid of this.  I released a remastered copy of this in 2012, but this year I reshared the old one this year.  If you already grabbed it, you might want to grab it again and get the better copy.



Mistletoe and Holly said...

While most of the performances on this album are rather passive, I really like his version of The Borning Day. Thanks for sharing.

Jumbliah said...

Actually, I find the arrangements on this album quite good, especially unique. This has become one of my favorites for Christmas. Thanks for the reshare!