Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Nashing of Teeth

If this record is new to you, go ahead and download it now.  Don't read what I have to write, don't go back and read what I wrote with my original share in 2008, just download it.  And if you have heard it, leave me a comment about how great it is!  This guy had a real way with the written word, and the spoken word as well, and when you mix that with Christmas, well, it's just great in my book.  This is Ogden Nash-Christmas With Ogden Nash (Caedmon TC 1323, Stereo, 1970).  I like this guy's wordplay so much that I've tracked down a few of his non-Christmas albums, and they're just as great.

1. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
2. An Untold Adventure Of Santa Claus
3. The Boy Who Laughed At Santa Claus
4. A Carol For Children
5. I'm A Pleasure To Shop For
6. I Remember Yule
7. The Miraculous Countdown
8. Nutcracker Suite
9. Sugarplum Dance
10. Russian Dance
11. Arabian Dance
12. Chinese Dance
13. The Flutes
14. The Waltz Of The Flowers

(Looks like this one is on iTunes now, and Spotify, and services still unimagined, so it's no longer available for downloading here.  Take my word for it, it's good, so go get it!)


Badgercat said...

I've used a couple of snippets in Christmas compilations of the past.

Steve Turner said...

Oh wow! Now this takes me back. I didn't even know something like this existed. Thanks!

iggy said...

I've been in charge of our family's annual "Christmas Poem" for more than 50 years now, and this man is my inspiration and guru. Thanks so much for sharing this delightful Christmas album.


Tom Rednour said...

I play this with The Duke's Nutcracker, with Ogden introducing the music. Sometimes I'll switch 'em up and go with Peter Ustinov's reading and Shorty Rogers playing!

JimmyJames said...

Sorry to bust up a party, but this album is available for downloading at iTunes and listening at Spotify. The good news is these oldies are still raking in royalties for someone. Heh.