Saturday, December 03, 2016

And Breath...

And as many of you may have suspected, here's the third entry into my little Christmas Seals marathon.  Many of the same celebrities rejoin is to remind listeners to send in their contributions.  Go dig that letter out from that giant pile of bills in the kitchen and send us some money!  Or something like that.  These could be good to wrap up your Christmas CD, just a little reminder to listeners.  Or maybe you could cut them up into unexpected ways, I don't know.  I notice that these three records are labelled Style C, D & E.  I wonder what style A and B are?  Anyone know?  Oh, duh, it's listed on the flipside of the record sleeve.  Style A is a collection of eight favorite Christmas songs, Style B is Eight favorite country songs.  Now I know.  For your consideration, this is Christmas Seal Campaign 1972-Celebrity Reminder Spot Announcements-Style E (Christmas Seals 203.313/314, Stereo, 1972).

1. Peter Breck
2. Ernie Ford
3. Edward Asner
4. David Clayton Thonas
5. Martin Milner
6. Lynn Anderson
7. Robert Reed
8. Mclean Stevenson
9. Kim Novak
10. Martha Raye
11. Tommy Leonetti
12. Jerry Reed
13. Leif Erickson
14. Forrest Ticker
15. Pat Carroll
16. Mary Tyler Moore
17. Billy Dee Williams
18. Mel Blanc
19. Michael Landon
20. Ernest Borgnine



Buster said...

See, you do have a pile of these!

Tommy Leonetti, by the way, was a relatively young crooner who recorded for RCA in the 50s then did some acting. I have a few of his records.

Ernie said...

Last one, I promise. Until I stumble across more. :)

He seems a lot less popular than many of the other names on here. But it's an interesting mix, that's for sure!

Ernie said...

New link for 2018, if anyone cares.!gAEzlAIT!450lwTPbngd4a6FXusNi_zL4-z8A7i4xxpWO2q9qpUw