Monday, November 28, 2016

Yet More, Still Different

Had enough yet?  Ready to say uncle?  OK, this is the last record in this series that I've found, and the only one that I had to go out on the internet and buy.  The other three I just happened to stumble across one at a time and only discovered the differences one day when I was looking to record stuff.  The first two I recorded many years ago but never shared.  These last two were things I found this year, which jogged my memory about the first two.  This last one I found out about from a mention in some Frank Sinatra discography which didn't quite match up with the one I had, so I had to track down the missing version.  However, I don't know if this is all of them, or just all that I have.  Either way, I think I'm done with the series for now.  More good material here from a broad range of artists.  If you use any of these in your Christmas mixes this year, share a link here so I can hear them, I'm sure all my visitors will get a big kick out of it as well.  For the fourth and final time this year, this is Songs For The Season (#4) (Narwood Productions For The US Army Reserve, Stereo)

1. Jerry Vale
2. Susan Raye
3. Mel Torme
4. Ferlin Husky
5. Bob Haggart (World's Greatest Jazz Band)
6. Glen Campbell
7. Sammy Cahn
8. Buck Owens
9. Ray Conniff
10. Ernest Tubb

In case you're just stumbling across this fourth one, here are the links to the other three.



Craftypants Carol said...

Omg this is hilarious! Thank you for posting all of them. I really love having the spoken interludes in between songs :)

Thanks again!

Ernie said...

So, here it is, almost four years later, I'm moving some records around, and this one pops up. I happen to notice that the date is listed on the spine of three out of the four in the set. This one is dated 1974. So now you know.