Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Matter...

I figured you needed some more celebrity greetings.  So from 1972, here's a whole passel of artists you'd have heard on the radio back then, telling you all about the great work done by the folks who put out Christmas Seals.  At the time it was called The National Tuberculosis And Respiratory Disease Association, but these days it's just The American Lung Association.  But the goal is still the same, to help you breathe easier.  I got a bit of a kick about how some of these people struggle with the pronunciation of the words on their script, and some people just flow right through it.  I suspect a little rehearsal goes a long way.  These should make a great addition to your annual Christmas CD, especially if you were planning on including one of these artists anyway.  Please enjoy Christmas Seal Campaign 1972-Disc Jockey Spot Announcements-Style C (Christmas Seals 203.309/310, Stereo, 1972).

1. Tommy Leonetti (Who?)
2. Jerry Reed
3. David Clayton Thomas
4. Tennessee Ernie Ford
5. Kenny Rogers
6. Hank Thompson
7. Pat Boone
8. Peggy Lee
9. Al Martino
10. Ray Stevens
11. Andy Williams
12. Sonny & Cher
13. Trini Lopez
14. Johnny Mathis
15. Dionne Warwicke
16. The Fifth Dimension
17. Warren Entner (Grass Roots)
18. Roy Clark
19. Andy Williams
20. Lynn Anderson
21. Jack Jones
22. Glen Campbell
23. Robert Goulet
24. Eddy Arnold



Muff Diver said...

These PSA and the Corporate Promotional releases never get old for me. Thanks for sharing this, Ernie!

B. Baltimore Brown said...

I love this sort of stuff. I wish there was a blog that had treasure troves of PSAs and vintage DJ promo drops and commercials. I've looked but to no avail. Thanks for all of the great shares!

Ernie said...

This is the best place I've found:

Ernie said...

New 2018 linkage:!REEj0IbI!4lxkfAFzyn7wDX9STgwqxevwSag0N9e7FSUnEp3nmQc