Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2006 Redux

For many years now, I've been sharing out this collection of tracks that I've touted as the best of my Christmas in July shares from 2006.  One thing I've not done is change it.  I've been sharing out the same old files ripped from vinyl in 2006.  But now I'm changing that.  Those of you who've come around in July know that I try to share out Christmas songs from non-Christmas albums, and frequently I re-record things I've shared out before, either because I found a stereo copy or a cleaner record, or just because I felt like it.  So what I did was found all the tracks from this comp that I had rerecorded at some point, and dropped them into place.  I updated all the tags so it still looks the same, but hopefully the sound will be a little better on 16 of the 31 tracks. Listening to this today, I think it really holds together well, though that may just be because I've been listening to these songs for many Christmases now.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you've never heard it before, and returning visitors can appreciate the new sound. This is The Best Of Christmas In July 2006 From Ernie (Not Bert). (The links below should take you to the first time I shared out the track in question.)

1. Clebanoff-Bobsled
2. Ted Heath/Edmundo Ros-Baby It's Cold Outside
3. Lionel Hampton-Gin For Christmas
4. Marty Gold-High On A Windy Hill
5. Eastman-Rochester Pops-Brazilian Sleigh Bells
6. Dinah Washington-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
7. Henry Mancini-Latin Snowfall
8. Yuji Takizawa & His Blue Bones Orchestra-White X-mas
9. Will Glahé-The Skater's Waltz
10. Esquivel-Sun Valley Ski Run
11. Billy Vaughn-The Chipmunk Song
12. Percy Faith-Little Bells And Big Bells (Glocke Und Glockchen)
13. Lawrence Welk-The Merry Christmas Polka
14. Jerry Murad's Electronic Harmonicats-March Of The Toys
15. Richard Hayman & His Harmonica Orchestra-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
16. Ian Fraser & His Orchestra-Sleigh Ride
17. Eddie Layton-Winter Wonderland
18. The Smothers Brothers-Swiss Christmas
19. David Rose-Christmas Tree
20. Eydie Gormé-Winter Night
21. Bernie Green With The Stereo Mad-Men-The Skater And His Dog
22. Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie-My Favorite Things
23. The Four Freshmen-Santa Claus Is Flat Gonna Come To Town
24. David Carroll-The Ski Song (Slalom)
25. The Monterey Brass-We Need A Little Christmas
26. The Three Suns-Busy Holiday
27. Six Fat Dutchmen-Sleigh Bell
28. Billy May-Snowfall Cha-Cha
29. Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble-Holiday In A Hurry
30. Armengol-Ave Maria
31. The Crew-Cuts-Auld Lang Syne


Thanks again to CaptOT for the artwork way back when! Go listen to his radio shows!


Your Pal Doug said...

Wow. I can see quite a lot of work & love went into this. I love Christmassy sounding songs. Thanks for...wait, it finished downloading, I gotta run and unwrap it! Whoosh!

EW said...

Hi ... don't suppose the xmas spirit would move you to reup this one?



philipkotler11 said...

have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up
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Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Merry C

barba said...

merry christmas ernie.

hope everything's ok.

JT said...

Hope you are ok. Your blog is always one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

Kwork said...

Ernie, hoping everything's ok. You just kind of disappeared after this post on Dec 15. Hope you and Jen had a wonderful and Merry Christmas, and also a very Happy New Year. Merry Christmas, no matter what time of year it is!

Bob said...

A lot of fantabulous Christmas memories here. Enjoy the goodies and would like to see a repost of David Frost introduces John Gregory Christmas. My best!

Bob said...

A lot of fantabulous Christmas memories here. Enjoy the goodies and would like to see a repost of David Frost introduces John Gregory Christmas. My best!

Michael Johnston said...

Can you re-up Michael Carr's Wintertime files? All the rapdishare stuff is gone. :(

Anonymous said...

The music you have presented has made Christmas a fun time of year again for me. Thank you.

Something about Skagway Tours Website said...

Merry christmas for 2006 :) have fun of the coming year more blessing to come :)

Kwork said...

I hope things are ok in Jen and Ernie country. With no update since Dec 15, not even a Merry Christmas since, I can't help but be a bit worried. Praying everything is ok, and you're just on an extended break. Merry Christmas in July to all!

Kwork said...

Just adding a fourteenth comment so that we're not sitting at an unluck thirteen for an unspecified period of time. Merry Christmas to all, no matter the time of year!

Anonymous said...

So, no Christmas in July this year? Would be nice if you would have posted explaining why not...plenty of us are worried about you :/

barba said...

i'm just one of the old leechers here. i have no inside info on ernie other than this thread posted at falalalala.com earlier this year:


for the less adventurous, i'll summarize: ernie briefly appears and explains his absence by saying that he is "busy elsewhere", with a winking santa's elf emoji. i posit that as he had already explained here that his new married life left much less time for posting music, he has felt that further explanation here is unnecessary. the real point is, unless something has changed since then, he is fine. so not to worry. much like my own parents, he does not care to elaborate on the fruits of marriage and prefers to let inquiring minds... well, inquire. whether he will continue with any new postings here is a matter of speculation. let's give him credit for years of great (ok, sometimes not-so-great) and otherwise unobtainable music, most of which still has working links. perhaps by accentuating that positive, we can cajole him into a few more 'must hear' offerings, as his time allows.

Carl Magnus Palm said...

I'd just like to add my endless gratitude to the praise already expressed on this page. Love this blog and I've found so many great and/or fun Christmas tracks here.

moxnix said...

Thanks for the Christmas In July mix, Ernie, just now checking it out, there are a few on there i have never heard! Thanks again!!

George A. Birch said...

Sure hope you're doing alright Ernie! Hope to see you here again.