Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End Of Christmas 2010

OK, this is it, the last Christmas share of 2010.  We're having our family Christmas tomorrow, so I'll be busy with that all day, and I'm tired of having to work on these things every night.  Not only have I tried to post something every day since Thanksgiving, I've been recording these since the beginning of September, so I've been at this for a while.  Not that it isn't fun, I enjoy it quite a bit, but I need to take a little break.  Don't worry, though, the Christmas should be back in July with Christmas in July.  For now, I'm closing with a random record pulled from the leftover stack of stuff.  The folder I created for my Christmas vinyl this year has about 1900 songs in it, and as of this record, I've converted a little over 1300 of those to MP3.  They only become MP3s when I'm done with the recording and the artwork, so that means I've finished up roughly two thirds of what I started.  That's a better average than most years. Much of what I record is stuff that I can't share, since it's on CD or available for legal download somewhere.  I enjoy recording all sorts of records, so I usually record what looks interesting then check later if I can share it or not.  Now I need to go through and put artwork with all those leftover albums that I've got in there.  But this is the last one you'll see, at least for this year.  Please have a Happy New Year and download The Canterbury Choir-While Shepherds Watched (MGM 10" E147, Mono, 1952).  Hope you enjoyed all the music this season!

1. Angels We Have Heard On High
2. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
3. Away In A Manger
4. O Holy Night (Cantique De Noel)
5. In The Bleak Mid-Winter
6. What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)
7. Coventry Carol
8. We Three Kings Of Orient Are



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for another great season, Ernie. You have shared some truly great music this year!

Chris in Cary said...

Thank you for a great run again this year, Ernie. My Christmas is much richer again this year with the music you have shared.

Bill Huot said...

Thanks for all the great shares, Ernie. Have a great family Christmas!

SRQ said...

Take a well deserved break. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the wonderful music you have shared with us, not only this year, but over the last several years! You've found some real gems!

Joe/Tom said...

Have a wonderful 2011 Ernie--you deserve only the best !!

Anonymous said...

Just as when I was a kid, it is somewhat sad to say good-bye to the Christmas season (yeah, yeah, I know you can keep it in your heart all year round and all that, but the season itself is over). Discovering your blog several years ago has made my adult Christmases so much more enjoyable. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas music you share each year and the information you provide about the artists and their recordings. Happy New Year!

Buster said...

Best to you and the family, Ern - and thanks for all you do each year!

JohnnyLovesRecords said...

Ernie, I hope you really enjoy your Christmas with your family and that you know how much joy you have provided for all of us out here in cyberland. I can't wait to see what you have up your (record ) sleeve for next year!!

Thank you so much!!
All the best for 2011! JohnnyUSA

Cat said...

Thank you so much, Ernie! I am so thankful I stumbled across your blog this year. Happy New Year!

SWSPOILER3 said...

I am fairly new here. I discovered your blog just last year and to be very excited to see your love for Christmas music.
which brings me to this 10 inch lp. I bought this same lp from a Goodwill store about 4 years ago for about a dollar because I really like the cover. I looked at the record and seemed to be in ok shape. Not too scratchy but in fine shape. Not till I got this one home did I notince the crack. I tried to play it but chips where along the crack so it skipped quite abit. I figured I would find another one some other time. I still haven't found one till today. Thanks you for this share and all your other shares this Holiday season. Thanks to your blog, I have come to really appriciate Christmas music from yesteryear. Have a great New Years and I look foward to next year.
Frank Diaz

Mr Walker said...

Thanks for a great season Ernie!
much appreciated.
Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to July!

Dean-O said...

Thanks again for everything! Your musical advent calendar really makes the season! Happy 2011!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Oh, no--is it the holidays? Did I miss them??


Happy adventures in shellac! Once the addiction starts, it's all over.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I mean, there's no turning back.

From shellac.

tom b said...

I've downloaded so much great stuff and never left a comment, ha shame on me. Thanks so much man, just amazed at your effort. Very much appreciated. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ernie for all the great shares.


Scott O. said...

You are amazing, Ernie!! There's a ton of stuff in there that I've never even heard of and now love!

I hope you had a fantastic holiday with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great shares, Ernie! Happy New Year!