Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lundstrom 1

I was trying to remember why I ripped this LP and I'm having a bit of a hard time of it.  I've got dozens, no, hundreds of Christmas LPs put out by religious groups, from church choirs to monks and nuns to high schools, you name it.  So why this one?  I think it's because I saw a track by The Lundstroms on an Andy Cirzan mix once, and that immediately makes it something I need.  Problem is, I don't remember which track it was, and this is not the Lundstroms only Christmas record.  But give this one a listen, maybe you'll find something on here that you like.  I'll keep looking to see which track was used by Mr. Cirzan and on which comp.  This is The Lundstroms-Christmas With The Lundstroms (Tempo R-7198, Stereo)

1. The Messiah Has Come
2. I Know How
3. Didn't He Shine
4. Christmas Medley
5. O Holy Night
6. Country Christmas
7. Daddy Will Be Home For Christmas
8. Mr. Snowman  (This is the one that sounds the most like something Andy would use, so maybe this is the track...)
9. Little Stranger In A Manger
10. It's Christmas


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