Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

I've been giving this a lot of thought.  Since our family Christmas celebrations have been moved to at least next Friday, there's no real reason to quit the Christmas sharity here at Ernie (Not Bert).  Well, no reason other than sheer exhaustion, but that's never stopped me before.  I've still got a lot of vinyl in the pile that I've already recorded, scanned and need to get out there.  And I missed a few days of sharing when I was sick, so you really deserve at least a few more items.  Who cares if only a handful of people will see it now that the majority of the season is over?  I can always reshare it next year.  But the lucky few of you who are still around, well, you'll already have it!  So let's spend a little time in Cuba here with one of the entries from Capitol's second go-round of Christmas LPs from around the world from 1958.  Lot's of stuff on here that I didn't recognize, but a few American songs are thrown in for those of us who can't appreciate the Cuban songs.  There are two different artists here, one who does the American stuff (in Spanish though) and a group who handle the local Christmas ditties.  I'm thinking I really should have shared this out with my other Caribbean and South American records, but I must have forgotten.  And maybe I should have shared it for the day when I get my hands on all the Capitol Of The World Christmas records, but that may be a while.  (Some of them are easy to find, some of them seem to be rare as hen's teeth...).  But I'm gonna go ahead and share it tonight, and if I'm not too lazy, I've got some more Cuban Christmas I can share with it.  All pre-revolution stuff, though.  I think Castro outlawed Christmas afterwards, or at least put a serious kibosh on it.  This is Christmas In Cuba (Capitol T10165, Mono, 1958).

1. Pampanitos Verdes-Coro De Madrigalistas
2. San Jose Al Niño Jesus-Coro De Madrigalistas
3. Blancas Navidades (White Christmas)-Fernando Albuerne
4. Canto De Navidad Guajiro-Coro De Madrigalistas
5. Al Niño Le Gusta El Son-Coro De Madrigalistas
6. Noche De Paz (Silent Night, Holy Night)-Fernando Albuerne
7. Flores De Pascua Benditas-Coro De Madrigalistas
8. Pastores A Belen-Coro De Madrigalistas
9. Amor En Navidad-Fernando Albuerne
10. Venid Pastorcillos-Coro De Madrigalistas
11. Cancion Alegre De Navidad-Coro De Madrigalistas
12. Amor Y Paz-Fernando Albuerne



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You are just amazing. Muy bueno y gracias mi amigo.

John W

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What he said.

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