Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Not only were the cherries blooming in DC, so were the azaleas. Or at least I called them azaleas. I learned that the proper name for them is rhododendrons. I'm not sure how that works. I guess azaleas are just a type of rhododendron? They seem to be a large family covering plants from small shrubs up to large plants nearing the size of trees.

I think I showed you some of our local azaleas rhododendrons just the other day. I don't think ours get as full and showy as the ones I saw in DC, but we do alright.


uncreative said...

also known as "mountain laurel" around my home terf

uncreative said...

also, I never knew azalea and rhododendron were the same thing. I've always associated rhodos with heavier longer darker leaves typically in LARGE bushes especially in the wild (mtn laurel) and azaleas as being pretty little bushes with pretty little blooms.

but I wouldn't know all too much (cough cough) about them ... just that -- The Rhododendron maximum, or “great laurel,” is the state flower of West Virginia.