Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thunder-Thunder-Thunder Birds

Pardon my interruption into my own DC funfest, but I'd like to mention that you can see the USAF Thunderbirds this weekend at Sun-N-Fun up in Lakeland. I took a few hours out of my busy day today to go and watch their practice flights, and it was amazing. The only thing that made it a practice show was that they stayed up in the air for a few minutes after the show was over and did a few extra maneuvers. Hardly the sort of thing that would make you wish you'd waited and seen a real show. I'll be there tomorrow for yet another rehearsal, and then again on Saturday for the real show. If you want, you can also see them on Sunday, but I'll be too tired by then to see them for a fourth time this year.

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Darrin said...

Awesome. That is the only word. Awesome.