Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Da Teamsters

It seems that anybody who is anybody has an office or a building in Washington, DC. Here's the first of many organizations of interest that I spotted during my travels this past weekend. Look close at the gold lettering across the building above and you'll see that it says International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I got this view of the building on my first day in DC, and then happened on the same building again from the other side on my last day. So lucky you, you get three pictures of the same building in one post!

I'd make some joke about this being the burial place of Jimmy Hoffa, but I don't want to wake up with a pair of cement shoes one morning at the bottom of Sarasota Bay. Or not wake up as the case may be. Actually, this building dates from before Hoffa's disappearance, so chances of him being there are pretty slim. See, I actually research some of this stuff.

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