Sunday, July 06, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 6

Welcome to day 6! Do I say that everyday? I'm not sure... Anyhow, here's your Christmas in July share for the day. It's six songs, all with Winter in the title. How's that for a theme? And none of them are Winter Wonderland, although I have three different versions of that song waiting in the wings for another day.

First track: Lonely Winter by Ralph Marterie And His Marlboro Men from Marvelous Marterie (Mercury Wing MGW 12154). When I slid this record out of it's sleeve, I felt something shift inside. I pulled out an envelope and it contained two unmailed musical postcards from Switzerland. That's right, they were postcards that had grooves pressed into them so you could send the sounds of your vacation back home to someone you love. I think you can learn more about these over at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Second track: Wintertime Of Love by Richard Hayman And His Orchestra from The Great Motion Picture Themes Of Victor Young (Mercury SR-60012). I'm seeing a lot of Richard Hayman around here lately for some reason, and there's more to come.

Third Track: Winter Warm by The Bob Crewe Generation from Music To Watch Birds By (Dynovoice DY31902). You needed a little Now Sound right this very minute, didn't you?

Fourth track: Our Winter Love by Clebanoff And His Orchestra from Today's Best Hits (Mercury SR 60791). I shared out several versions of this song before, and even got a comment from the daughter of the guy who popularized it, Bill Pursell!

Fifth track: Cold Winter Shadows by The Irish Rovers from All Hung Up (Decca DL 75037). These are the same guys who sand the Shel Silverstein song The Unicorn. I love that song.

Sixth track: I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter by Connie Landers from Current Hits Volume No. 3 (Hit HLP 1003, 1963). Yes, this one is a ringer. I shared it out last Christmas from a single, but this one is from the LP and allegedly in stereo. The name Connie Landers doesn't appear anywhere on this record, but then none of the songs list any artists, so I'm going to go with the name from the single I found. It's a good song, so I figure it's OK to share it out again. I know it's not as good as the Connie Francis track, but I can't really share that one around here, can I?

And there you have it, six more songs, bringing the total shared so far for the month to 33! That's a lot of music. Here's the download link for today. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more goodies, and don't forget to check the archives for more great Christmas in July from 2006 and 2007.


  1. "Winter Warm"--the Burt Bacharach song?

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  3. Hey Lee. Sorry, but the writing credit for Winter Warm is shown as Crewe-Brown-Bloodworth on the LP sleeve for that one.


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