Saturday, July 12, 2008

Frank Gehry Strikes Again

Some of you may remember a trip I took to Chicago back in March, and how I got really sick upon my return. Well, because I got sick, I didn't get a chance to share too many of the photos from my trip. Here's a little bit I wanted to share with you in response to a comment I got on this post. What you see in the pictures above and below is a large bandshell designed by Frank Gehry. It's amazing to see in person. It looks like a large pile of twisted sheet metal towering high above an empty lawn. I was so amazed by it that I went around and shot the back of it, as evidenced by the second photo below. I was also impressed by the network of shiny tubes that stretched over the grassy seating area to suspend the lights and speakers. It looked like it would fall down in the slightest breeze, but I'm sure it's rated to survive the harsh winds of Lake Michigan, which is only a few hundred yards to the East of this location.

Oh, the name of this structure is the Pritzker Pavillion, located at the North end of Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago.

Oh, and the big metal jelly bean at the bottom of this picture? That's Cloud Gate, the single most impressive piece of public sculpture I have ever seen in my life.

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  1. Great pix. Keep up the good blog. Mariah/Byron


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