Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Parrots Of Near Lombard Street

One of the fairly common sights here in Florida is wild parrots. Imagine my surprise when I found wild parrots in San Francisco. Some later research turned up the fact that they are fairly common, and there is even a movie about them. Neither Florida nor California has native parrots. Both colonies started from escaped or released pets, but they are able to survive because the weather is mild and close enough to that of their native home. I was lucky enough to spot these guys just off of Lombard Street, the twisty section you see on all the postcards. I came over a rise and was unable to see the ground ahead of me as the Jeep started heading downhill. So I stopped and walked around a bit to see what I could see. I heard these guys in a tree, but had to do some triangulation before I actually found them. The acrobat above was hanging upside down from a telephone line for whatever reason, while the pair below were munching on some kind of seeds in a tree. They didn't seem to mind me shooting them one bit.

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