Saturday, June 30, 2007


When it comes to record stores, there is one that stands above all others in my experience. This is that store. The Amoeba Records on Haight in San Francisco is the largest, best stocked, most impressive record and CD store I've ever seen. Bananas in St. Pete has more records, and I've spent more money at Hyde & Zeke's in Gainesville over the years, but for sheer shock & awe value, nothing beats Amoeba. I spent only twenty minutes in the store this time, and was somehow able to keep myself from buying anything (I was serious when I said I was on a budget!). If you look close at the sign above, you'll see where it says 'bowling', that's because this place used to be a bowling alley. It's that big! It's only rival is another Amoeba in Berkeley, which I walked by and didn't enter. It's right next to another megastore, Rasputin, that's just as big. SF is truly a mecca for the record and CD buying connoisseur.

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Anonymous said...

Ernie (Not Bert),

You had to have been on a serious budget! And some great self-control! I'd be in debt for decades if I wandered into a modern fairy-land like these record stores!
Your calendar photos are great!
Thank you for sharing the stories, the pictures, and the music!