Monday, April 23, 2007

Sun-N-Fun 2007-Part 4

I guess I really should start at the beginning. The first event I went to this year for Sun-N-Fun was the Splash-In, a gathering of sea planes on Lake Parker north of Lakeland. There were maybe two dozen planes out there, taking their turns flying in and out, or just sitting on shore giving people a chance to see these unique planes in their native environment. These planes came in all shapes and sizes, from closed to open cockpits, from full-size to ultralight, simple to complex. Some of them turned out to be just regular planes fitted with pontoons, but most of them were designed from the wingtips in for service in the water.

After leaving the Splash-In, I had lunch at Steak N Shake (big surprise!). And it turns out that the restaurant was right under the approach path of some of the bigger planes that were landing on the lake. For half an hour we were getting buzzed by all manner of craft, much to the confusion of pretty much everyone in the restaurant but me.

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