Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXXV

I figured you needed another good solid dose of doodle tonight, so here's a little lady I thought was quite nice. She hails from the reverse of Big Hits By Prado (RCA Victor LSP-2104, 1960). Prado is, of course, Perez Prado, who I'm sure you know all about. I had a tough time removing this doodle from the background, so if it looks a little rough around the edges, that's why. But I think I did a pretty good job. I've learned a lot about how to work with these doodles over the past couple of years. Some days I stop and realize how far I've come. Other days I worry about how far I have to go. This record also features a little tag on the front that says "New Arrangements", which I take to mean that these are all re-recordings of his big hits. (And just for the record, this is post #1400 here on the old blog.)

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Anonymous said...


I saw the 'squiggles" in the bottom of the dress for this delightful dancer, and I thought I had seen that kind of squiggle before. I started thumbing through the records, and didn't have to go far, thankfully! It reminds me of the trees in the doodle from "The Ames Brothers Sing Famous Hits Of Famous Quartets". I then scanned the doodle from the Ames Brothers, and was going to see if you would be interested in it, but decided I should look through your previous posts first (having only discovered your unique web-site around Christmas-time)! You have it, of course! Posting 9/10/2005 CXXVIII. Thankfully, I didn't download the doodle from my "Xochimilco" album! A very large doodle, and you have that, on August 19, 2005, as well!
Thanks for sharing the doodles, the photographs, and the music!