Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXXIX

And now, eight, count' em, eight doodles from the back of Bob & Ray On A Platter (RCA Victor LPM-2131, 1960). This record was in rough shape, but when I flipped it over and saw all these great doodles, I knew I had to get it. You get a little bit of everything here: An organ, a singer, people on the street, weather-girl, sports-guy, a DJ, a sax player, psychoanalysis, bank robber, another sportscaster and some cowboys. I can't think of any other comedy stereotypes that may be omitted from this lineup. OK, maybe a few, but not many. I'm afraid I don't know as much about Bob & Ray as I should, and I'm not sure this record will even play, but I hope to try and give it a listen soon. I hope it's as good as the doodles it spawned.

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